The company Cross point Telecom is one of the leading companies in the Australia that offers several digital services which includes VoIP phone systems, video conference solutions cloud computing providers and managed services as well as different other similar solutions. The best and a unique part is that their services are scalable to true unlimited extend, no matter how big company or how small company you are they can get all the required services at best and an unbeatable price with the highest great quality. If we talk about video conference solutions provider so they offer video conference solution with a guaranteed HD video quality and noise, distortion, and delay free audio with a lot of features like file sharing and embedded file extension supports that helps you to read and write them on the go. Why not you check out their video conference services for a month, free of cost?

Cloud computing services providers!

In an addition, when it comes to cloud computing services so you do not need to maintain anything at local and you can get everything from their cloud platform. Like, normally in a company they have to maintain a computer labs installed and equipped with multiple combination of hardware and software to run several application for which they have to pay a very handsome amount so there is a special offer for the company to get all those services they required for one month as a free trial and once they get satisfied with the services than all they have to pay is ninety five percent less than what they were bearing before. Which means that they can save up to ninety five percent 95% on their budget which is literally unbelievable and top of that you can work remotely from anywhere and any part of the world which is in demand now a days due to novel pandemic corona virus (COVID-19).

What does they provide in managed services?

Moreover, when it comes to managed services which are very essential so that you do not have to hire any professional separately in an order to manage, configure and scales your services accordingly. Most of their cloud services are managed by themselves which comes as free of cost but with a limited support but you can extend it as per your need and requirement for a very nominal additional cost that billed to you monthly, so you do not have to pay any of the thing upfront.

Offers and promotions for Cross point Telecom’s customer and clients?

They have specialized and customized cloud services and video conference service packages so that you can chose one from pre-made or you can tailor your services as per your needs as you want also with an option to pay as you need. Once you become their client than you will be offered with great perks like one month free in the middle of your contract and several other features to be offered as per their promotion policies. So, if you are looking for the best and robust video conference solution in Melbourne, cloud computing services providers, VoIP phone systems and managed service providers so the Cross point Telecom is the most recommended. Visit them at for more details.